How to set up Facebook Chat Box?

Facebook Chat Box supports live chat between you and your customers through Facebook Messenger messaging platform.

To install Facebook Chat Box, you need to finish 2 steps below:

NOTE: Make sure that your Facebook Fanpage or Business Page has been activated and published. You must have a Facebook Fanpage account or Business Page that you are an administrator.

Its form is

Step 1: Connect to a Facebook Fanpage or Business Page that you are an administrator

+ Click "Connect Account" to start.

+ A Facebook popup will appear to request access to your account. Click "Continue as........" to move on to the next step.

+ Click "OK" to confirm Facebook's access.

+ Click "Select a Facebook page" to choose a your page.

+ After you choose a your page, click "Connect" to confirm.

Step 2: Click "Save Settings" to finish installation

After completing 2 steps as above, Facebook Chat Box will display on your website:

You can also change some formats such as Show on Desktop, Show on Mobile, Language, Chat Icon Position, Greeting Message, Icon On Chat Box or Custom Colors on the dashboard.

+ Click “Save Settings” to save your process.


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