How to set up last step upsell offers?

Upsell Cross-sell Smart Tool is an application developed by Autoketing team. This is a striking app suggesting other products for shoppers. Merchants show popups and offer customers recommendations to encourage them to buy more items and expand their cart.

The last-step upsell offer is one of three kinds of offer. Popups will show when customers click Checkout button. You follow these steps to create last-step upsell offers.

+ Click the button Create offer. You will see a popup. + In Last step upsell offer box, click the button Create offer to create a new last step upsell offer.

 + Choose an offer name: Only you can see the name of the offer. It will help you distinguish the offers in the overview page. Customers will not see the offer name. You can manage different offers effectively.

+ Enter offer message:  You can choose one of three available messages or type another message.

+ Set up Cart condition: If your customer's cart meets the condition, the upselling offer will show. The popup will display when your customer's cart meets all the following rules or one of the following rules

+ Set up Rules of Cart condition. Click View to edit.

- If you choose Cart total price, you choose value Is greater than or Is less than. Then enter an amount in the box. For example, you set the rule: Cart total price is greater than $100.

- If you choose Cart items, then you set up Contain or Does not contain, Products or Any product from collections. Next, you choose products or collections. For example, you set a rule: Cart items contain products or Cart items do not contain any product from collection.

+ You can add many other rules

+ Choose upsell products: You can choose specific products or specific collections

+ Set up Sales motivator bar

- Type a motivational message or choose an available sample

- Set up Discount by percentage or amount, enter a number

- Set a fixed target that customers need to get

+ Device: Our app can run on desktop and mobile.

+ Schedule: Offers are shown immediately or in the specific time. Choose the start time and the end time for offers.

+ Advanced settings: Choose all or any features

- Don't show products that are out of stock

- Don't show products that customers added to the cart

- Only show upselling offers to customers who logged in

+ Finally, press the Save button to save all your settings.

You will have an upsell popup like this

If you have any problems during the installation, you can contact us via email:

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